A solid feasibility study and design can make or break a new FEC. We start with a realistic study that gives us the in-site needed to make important long lasting decisions. Our background of facility operations give us a unique view into the world of Family Entertainment. We do more than run a few numbers and demographics.



Each park is Unique and each location will have its own short comings and benefits. Build the perfect park for you and your demographics.

The root and origin of the word PERFECT is COMPLETE. Do not build a cookie cutter park in every location you find. What works well with one demographic will not always fit the new one. We design your parks to fit the needs of your local and visiting guests. On top of always being open to new ideas and revenue concepts Fallout Zones never takes any money from vendors, promising that you will receive and honest assessment of all attractions and their possible income streams.


We all entered the industry for one reason or another but those reasons mean nothing if we can’t turn a profit and improve the guest experience.