Amazing how much money we waste on improper training. I spend most of my time consulting training and implementing best practices. Regardless of the quality or quantity of good practices, they are worthless without proper implementation, training, and measuring. Here are the 4 steps I take in training management and employees.


You must take time to explain or teach the team member why we do what we do. Knowing the why gives us a sense of understanding and allows the human brain to connect more fully to the task. Educating also allows us to set up a standard that the team can follow.


Give a physical example of what is to be expected. All good operating practices have some sort of task to be completed. It doesn’t matter if it’s a TPS report or cleaning the bathrooms. Best practices should be shown and not just explained. Always use the most efficient person to do this task. Remember this will generate and set your standards. Utilize real life situations and role playing to achieve results

Learning a new task or skill without, hands on practice is both inefficient and expensive.


Learning a new task or skill without, hands on practice is both inefficient and expensive. You must have the team member perform the task during the training. Give them a chance to create solid memories by allowing them to learn with all their senses. Teaching someone to perform a task without practice will just cost you more money in retraining and payroll hours.


The best training can go to waste without evaluation. You and your team must be comfortable evaluating performance and listening to correction. This is a time to make sure that the team member understands what is wanted and how to achieve the desired results. Evaluation does not stop after training. We must be able to look at every task being performed consistently thru the eyes of educating and improving. Find a way to measure the desired results and hold team members accountable for their performance. Rewarding individuals and groups for great performance is a solid way of promoting best practices.